we were smaller

i'm seated near the edge of a blue armchair at my father's mother's house. my two sons are on the floor near a holiday gift bag that's half-full of small cars and trucks. she's slowly walking through the house looking for something. she says, "i told lori, the next time she's out, to pick me up a new brain because the one i've got isn't workin' right anymore."

i say, "i know, i think we could all use one of those," and smile. and someone agrees with me by saying, "mmm hmm."

she says, "larry and terry bought a great big ol' bag of cars at a yard sale a few months ago. jordan, where did we put that bag?" and jordan says, "i don't know," and glances around the floor near the sofa that he's sitting on.

she says, "look in the table there," and he opens the door to the cabinet under the table in front of him. he says, "i don't see it. it's not in here." i say, "it's ok. they're fine with these cars. right, guys?" slade says, "yep," and smiles.

she says, "no, now, i know they're here. it was a great big bag. they picked 'em up at a yard sale the last time terry was in town," and she walks over to the sofa and sits down. she opens the door under the table and picks up something and puts it back.

she closes the door and i say, "is that the same table we used to play around?" she says, "yeah. it's the same one. there was another table with a glass top but this is the one i've always had."

i say, "it seemed so much bigger then. i thought we used to fit inside it." slade says, "well you were smaller." and i say, "yeah. we were."