saturday afternoon. refrigerator box.

i am 7 years old. i am sitting in my castle. i'm probably a princess or a queen. or maybe i'm being held captive. this castle needs windows, but i'm not going to push my luck. no, i am in my fort. the enemy is approaching and i am devising a plan. no, i don't like enemies.

i am in a hollow log in the forest. it's raining. there is a giant goblin or something terrible out there and i'm hiding. the small people -- are they gnomes? -- will help me escape. i will have to pick berries to eat for dinner and it will be dark soon. maybe i can learn how to make tiny furniture because i would like to have a table and also a small cup.

his head appears in the opening of the box and he says, "do you want me to cut you some windows?" i say, "no, i'm in a log." he says, "ok," and moves to stand up but i stop him. i say, "it's going to be a spaceship later, when it's dark." he says, "cool, man!" because he's funny. i say, "can you be the pilot?" and he says, "yeah, babe. just let me know when you need me."