all these things

i make wishes via twitter and they come true more often that you'd expect. just this afternoon i wished for an avocado and now i have three. last night i wished you would send me a photo of what the world looks like where you are and a bunch of you did just that.

have you ever seen the book or blog A Year of Mornings - 3191 Miles Apart? this was a little like that. i picked up a copy of Mornings at the library a couple of months ago but never finished looking through it. the idea is so cute: exchange photos of your life prior to 8 a.m., with someone you've never met, who lives over three thousand miles away.

i asked you to take a picture of what's outside your window because i like the idea that it's something you probably take for granted. maybe you don't, though. i've been wrong before.

[click images to enlarge]

and here's my contribution, which i totally cheated on because it was taken this afternoon. my view from the sofa.

thanks for playing. here are some photos from the 3191 Miles Apart project.