i don't even

i laid in bed all day yesterday because i was sick and laying in bed was the only thing i wanted to do. i feel really gross today and i ate an entire candy bar - at once - which i never do. i think i'll feel better if i share the following with you. here's a list of what's in the top drawer of my nightstand (which was really organized, prior to the lead-up to palm springs): + candy wrappers (4) + bottle of xanax + ace bandage + ipod + book weight + nail file + nail buffer + bottle of nail polish (turquoise) + chinese yo-yo + ipod charger + container of mini m&ms + copy of Sinful Cynthia by Ariel Schrag + copy of Out of the Closets, Into the Libraries + bottle of 800mg ibuprofen + giftcards from Target, Chili's (2), Red Lobster, ToysRUs, Barnes & Noble + business cards (5) + expired coupon for $5 off when you spend $20+ at Fresh & Easy + receipts (3) + polaroids of whiskey (3) + cards depicting pencil-drawings of items of clothing i am most likely to wear (17) + addresses written on paper (2) + the following quote written in red ink on a piece of square paper: "...the worst form of anti-revolutionary impulse there was, which is ... addiction." + outline for a zine + TOMS shoe bag + broad-tip sharpie (black) + deck of cards + bottles of eye drops (3) + blistex + block of notepaper

and this is what my side of the bedroom looks like today: