two weeks ago, my sister graduated from high school. i forgot. i didn't call or text or email or any such thing because i actually forgot that it was happening and also, i think, because i am an asshole. other people's birthdays used to mean so much. holidays, even fake ones, were a big deal. and events - like graduations and weddings - were obviously something to celebrate.

wonder when that changed? hm. i don't feel apathetic.

cheryl went to target last week and, at some point, noticed that another shopper had left a bag of purchased items in a cart. assuming the shopper wouldn't return for the bag and that, if they did, some other luckypants passerby would already have taken it for themselves. armed with this assumption and possibly a small sense of entitlement (though it's never manifested in any other way, and that's the truth), she went ahead and brought the bag of goodies home.

contents: + containers of Wet Ones (2): unscented for sensitive skin / fresh scent antibacterial + L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Cleansing Scrub + Neutrogena Acne Wash with pink grapefruit extract + Playtex Gentle Glide multipack tampons (44 ct) + greeting card for a graduate ("aim high. congratulations") + envelope

i don't believe in taking things that don't belong to you. i don't even really believe in the theory that if i don't take something, someone else will - i feel like it's a slippery slope of excuses and convincing. i'd even go so far as to say that i disapprove entirely.

i'm using the face washes and cheryl's using the tampons. the L'Oreal product is good and i recommend it, if only for the novelty of the scrubby pad that's included.

i didn't even think of my sister when i saw the card. it didn't even occur to me.