so much to say. i want to eat. i want to know what it's like to be hungry for good. i'm starving for so many things and none of them are what i need. if i say that i miss things, does it matter? no it does not.

it always feels like something. all that you say and do -- it all feels like something to me. it'd be easy to be mad at you for taking so much, but i gave it. you didn't even ask, did you? it was always just right there. who could blame you. who would ever blame anyone.

certainly no one would ever blame you.

this pandora station is unceremoniously playing every song i've ever associated with anything. how perfect.

"it wears her out. it wears her out. it wears her out." -radiohead

"i feel like a stepping stone for everyone. i want someone to just stop walking." -me