this is the story of the hungriest little vegan

laneia was a vegetarian.then she was pregnant and she thought "i could eat a cow."

so she did.

one day many years later she ate too much cheese and thought "i have eaten too much cheese. i don't want to eat any more animals or cheese for a while."

so she didn't.

laneia did not eat animals or cheese for days and days (4). there was so much chopping and so many ziploc bags and plastic containers and chopping and salads and chopping and chopping.

then it was sunday night and laneia had been cutting and gluing for hours and she was SO HUNGRY. she looked all over the kitchen and there was FUCKING NOTHING.

so she toasted a piece of 9 grain bread and topped it with 1/2 a smashed avocado a sliced roma tomato and 4 inches of alfalfa sprouts and thought I AM GOING TO DIE.