freedom & the laundromat

riese: i just got FREEDOM IN THE MAILi am so excited me: !!!!!! riese: ok i have to go put my laundry in the dryer me: kk jeals riese: i'm going to pretend you said that about the laundromat and not about the book do you want the book? me: i did i meant the laundromat riese: oh ok good me: i'm excited about the book too but i wish we were doing laundry and the harlem girls were fighting outside riese: i was going to say IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE YOU COULD GO TO THE LAUNDROMAT WITH ME me: we could get a bottle of wine from the store and drink it while we folded riese: mhm the fact that you went there 5 times in a week is something i think about when bemoaning having to go there at all me: :)