quagmires & ferns

riese: every time i try to like "look into" what she's talking abouti happen upon a mound of information and then it's like this quagmire i can't get out of me: at least you just got to use the word 'quagmire' in a sentence riese: i feel like i have lots of chances to do that sometimes [...] riese: are you still being vegan freedom is really good me: yes i wish i was reading it i wish i had read the corrections riese: you really just have to power through the beginning i don't know why he did that, it makes me mad that he spent five hours with the old man trying to find something in a closet [...] me: yes you should take photos of things in your room and put them on the internet riese: oh that's a good idea i should post that thing i wrote in wpress in autowin because it's crazy but i wanted it to be for autostraddle me: i took a bunch of the road while i was driving today. riese: but maybe it's just too crazy me: i like that post i don't think it's too crazy. i skimmed it. riese: it's a bit jumpy i haven't looked at it since last night me: i like the closing i like where you're going with that riese: i was stoned and had a lot of ideas about why the world is the way it is i should publish it as being by internicaine katrina it's like something she might write me: you could do that [...] riese: the weirder part is that they don't somehow stop it me: it's like a game to see who can be the most terrible or pathetic versions of themselves i honestly don't know who's winning right now we're neck and neck [...] riese: ferns weak creatures