relatively unambitious list of foods i would eat if i were omnivorous and omnipresent

  1. fried catfish with hush puppies and turnip greens from almost any southern eatery, including church
  2. any indian thing that involves cheese
  3. chili made with ground beef and italian sausage topped with sour cream and cheddar on a bed of fritos
  4. 'thai dynamite' with chicken over brown rice from pei wei
  5. blt with avocado, mayo and extra lettuce on sourdough
  6. loaded baked potato from any semi-reliable american chain restaurant
  7. brisket with potato salad and southern-style green beans
  8. pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, fries and fried okra
  9. scrambled eggs with slivered ham and pan-fried toast
  10. 'valley veggie' pizza from me-n-ed's in fresno, california
  11. any version of poutine from anywhere
  12. 'zonie roll,' 'crispy spicy tuna' and yellowtail nigiri from ra sushi bar
  13. 'pasta milano' with whole wheat penne and no chicken from macaroni grill
  14. 1-3 pork buns from xie xie