me: i am watching this movie on hbo family and there's a guy in it who used to be a model in the 90s i think. a nameless magazine guyriese: he was probs on the cover of YM with a girl me: he WAS for sure riese: who was in like 'the heights' or something [1+ hour later] me: this movie is so fucked riese: what movie is it me: this man just manifested from a swarm of bees Tarzan and the Lost City 1998 w/ the YM model omg he wasn't a YM model! he was griffin on 90210! riese: ohhhhh me: but still i think he was on the cover of seventeen more than twice riese: for sure wait who was griffin was this in the later years is he the guy who almost married kelly me: '94 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000680/ i bet he really hates life i bet he feels really disappointed b/c he's 'traditionally handsome' and has been in so much shit and yet is not famous riese: tomorrow is a big 90210 marathon me: oooooh riese: ok he was in it at the same time as Ray, the guy who abused Donna that I was talking about me: yes Ray riese: oh wow, this was a weird cast brandon, kelly, steve, andrea & jesse, dylan, david, donna, CINDY AND JIM, Clare, Ray, "griffin stone" me: who was he coupled with? riese: he was in steve's frat i think almost dated donna was competing for donna with ray this is what i am gathering from imdb episode summaries remember how steve was in the KEG house me: ha no god that show was so perfect riese: that was his frat name KEG so perfect like this episode summary should be its own post and i'll tell you why because of the last sentence and how it just ends the way it does "On Halloween night, Donna becomes scared when her two suitors, Ray and Griffin, finally cross paths during a costume party at the KEG house. After being shunned by the Walshes and the rest of the gang, Valerie considers moving back to Buffalo, but decides to stay after learning that her mother has suffered a nervous breakdown. Steve unfairly blames Dylan for having a tryst with Valerie, and breaks his business agreement with the Peach Pit After Dark. Valerie also fails to bewitch Dylan who's sinking deeper into depravity with hard drugs, while Brandon reacts coldly towards Valerie after finding out that she skipped out on Steve's frat party to be with Dylan after she promised everyone to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Andrea's not pleased to see the cross necklace her baby daughter Hannah receives at a Day of the Dead celebration. Also, Clare talks David into a UFO hunt for the night in the desert near Barstow, CA." me: i cannot stop laughing i wish i could riese: i wonder if they found a ufo barstow would've been the place me: yes barstow is definitely the place

oh wait i was thinking of bakersfield. bakersfield is also fucked riese: i think we were forced to like 90210 by the media i mean they put 90210 on the cover of so many things it was like, either watch it, or be out of the loop on the most important thing to ever happen to teenagers also it was amazing me: i think a lot of what we 'liked' growing up was a direct result of marketing unlike generations before us riese: yes me: i feel like we were the first to be really DRAGGED IN especially w/r/t 'sets' and 'series' riese: they marketed 90210 really well, i felt like i had to watch it yes MTV is credited with 'inventing' the market for teenagers (i cite them as an example of how we could [plan]) and that was like in 1985 me: well consider our toys even like Care Bears? there was an entire SET of like, 30 you had to have them all or it was pointless riese: i wasn't allowed to own one and felt very out of the loop i was serious about my mcdonalds toy sets me: YES also that we were heavily marketed riese: mhm maybe it wasn't dumb for my mom to be so scared me: we were also told how special we were riese: yes that was the biggest problem me: also we could buy things to help boost our specialness in a way that previous generations could not riese: yes they made us believe we were special enough to deserve our own face wash me: YES also 5 7 9 riese: i think i got my prom dress at 5 7 9 me: i know i wanted to, but none of them were right riese: mine was silly it was $20 me: I WAS TOO SPECIAL FOR 5 7 9 riese: it matched my bf's shirt so i thought it would be funny haha me: god we are fucked we're trying to be real though i think that's important riese: i think so too me: i think that our obsession w/ indie bands and indie brands blah blah is a direct result of the conflict between still believing we're special and also fighting that brainwashing by looking for something authentic. like, authentic specialness, not marketing b.s. riese: yes that's true me: like, drinks at coffee shops but it's still marketed specialness. we are fucked. riese: generations take turns taking care of each other this upcoming one will learn and know better, i think, even though we talk about how they are fucked, i think they will be ok me: i think the next one will be better. they'll be fucked in their own way, yes riese: griffin was like steve's bff in the KEG house they got in trouble together me: ohhhh riese: a lot it seems "Griffin" perfect name also i love andrea zuckerman's totally pointless contributions to these episodes "Andrea and Jesse throw a party for Hannah's first Hanukkah. Jesse obtains work as an attorney for those who cannot afford representation. He is frustrated by the court treatment of a single Mexican immigrant father, whose kids are taken away when a babysitter neglects them." SO WHAT DYLAN IS IN REHAB KELLY HAS FIRST-DEGREE BURNS me: omg that's an entire synopsis?? riese: hannukah shmanukkah no, that's just one line me: oh riese: it's just funny b/c andrea's part never weaves in they have to talk it on at the end me: it's v tina she's very tina riese: she is very tina who is bette though kelly me: YES fuck good call riese: dylan is shane obviously god, alice might be STEVE i hate to say it but me: yes yes and i think dana is brandon riese: def yes donna me: donna can't be no she can't be riese: donna is just donna maybe yeah me: donna cannot be jenny riese: i think helena is valerie me: haha yes brenda = jenny riese: YES i was just about to type those words def brenda = jenny me: i feel like donna has some jenny tendencies, but for the most part maybe she is just an extra. like, god i don't even know riese: yeah donna is a weird character b/c like, she was only in the show b/c of her dad me: well b/c of her dad jinx holler riese: so they like invented this weird thing yeah! i feel like we were all SO CONSCIOUS of that also her boobs me: yes she was so hard to like i hated them for making her so difficult to appreciate riese: when she was drunk it was funny remember her mermaid outfit me: no i blocked a lot of life riese: omg, that was a beautiful moment me: i will eagerly await the youtube clip you will find for me riese: ok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQDrJvmvR60 go to 7:37 me: i kinda just want to watch the whole thing riese: yeah maybe you should me: i feel like MSCL really surpassed this halloween ep "i can't believe you just said that. you don't even like raisins." riese: ! me: christ brenda is so jenny! riese: mhm and she wasn't even raped