realizations & hipsters

me: spaceball? riese: no not spaceball i understand spaceball [...] me: i just realized something riese: hm me: i wasn't building suspense i was brushing my teeth i just realized probably a million years after everyone else that hipsters were like, the first social group to really embrace the recession in that they bought 'vintage' clothes that were actually ugly and not from trendy vintage places, and therefore super cheap and drank cheap beer riese: and lived in crappy places like we always suspected that life need not be so fancy the world just confirmed it for us me: right potlucks i find this very affirming riese: also none of us own homes none me: right riese: zero hipsters do not own houses they rent so the housing market crash didn't really target us me: bikes which are essentially free gardens diy riese: right yes me: amazing riese: we entertain ourselves online instead of going out and spending money we even socialize online me: i feel like house parties made quite the comeback via potlucks riese: mhm me: and indie bands etc riese: yes me: 'indie' 'bands' riese: right and our 'it boy' shoplifts from american apparel me: ha riese: maybe that's why tao lin exists me: b/c of the recession riese: to be that 'it boy' of the 'hipsters' who shoplifted from the merchant who dared to provide him with the uniform me: i have to go get a 12 pk of steel reserve for $6 riese:ok good idea me: i was on my way out when i had this thought hence the teeth brushing riese: right right