i don't really want to title this one

i'm doing that thing again, where my ribcage is too smalland my knees are too low. and my center of gravity is off. and i'm pretending not to notice.

i wrote that a few days ago. it doesn't feel like that anymore. not today or yesterday. probably not tomorrow either.


i took this for you.

i've proposed a friendship blackout with one friend during the +/-two days that my pms is at its peak. i'm predicting this will happen sometime around wednesday, depending mostly on how productive i am on tuesday and how little i have to do on thursday. i feel like this is the safest way to be friends with this friend: pms-induced friendship blackout.

i'm still working out the details, like how the friend will know that the blackout is truly over and that i'm not just trying to trick the friend into talking to me about my feelings. i am open to suggestions.

i feel like i have some pretty good ideas and this one might be in the top five. ten, maybe.