relatively unambitious list of activities i cannot bring myself to do today due to severe self-doubt, which will unintentionally make me seem sadder than i am

  1. compose and send an email to [person] expressing a variety of feelings re: a piece in a publication that was maybe 'the apex' of his career, possibly.
  2. send a belated birthday text message to my sister.
  3. buy an iced coffee from any coffee shop.
  4. withdraw cash from the bank because i don't have a debit card and go to target for [something i can't remember right now].
  5. return [substantial number] emails.
  6. return overdue library books.
  7. pay fine at the library.
  8. take out recycling.
  9. draft a post about [topic i'm very interested in], [topic i'm mildly interested in], [topic i was interested in two weeks ago but not today], or [topic i think readers might be interested in and requires me to email several team members].
  10. communicate effectively.