thoughts i have had today

  1. "he is loud."
  2. "no. i do not want to get up."
  3. "everything i've eaten for the past +/- 2 weeks has made my stomach hurt. what is this. am i dying."
  4. "lorrie moore."
  5. "i cannot watch football. should that go on the list? no. it has nothing to do with self-doubt."
  6. "deserts were meant to be uninhabitable."
  7. "my hair does look really cute today. this is too much cleavage, probably."
  8. "how long would it take to figure out how these people relate to each other via internet / books authored / social circles / tumblrs followed / articles written / comments left / reviews given / schools attended. i probably don't have time for this."
  9. "she did not go to an ivy league school. fuck."
  10. "band of horses. i wish band of horses sounded slightly more like kings of leon. just the accents. what would that be like."
  11. "i will fold these."
  12. "how did this fall into here? is it ruined? no. i would've cried."
  13. "i will regret answering [this phone call]."
  14. "i wish my name was annie. i would do the name justice."
  15. "how much is a stamp?"
  16. "stars [the band]. autowin blog titles."
  17. "now i will fold these for real."
  18. "what would i be like in chicago. seattle. who would i be in seattle. edward cullen. fuck. fucking twilight."
  19. "if i unpacked my suitcase, i would be a better person. if i'd already unpacked it, i'd be an even better person."
  20. "this is too much cleavage."
  21. "alcohol."
  22. "i could make a collage with this."
  23. "i should get a pandora subscription. or sirius. i am poor."
  24. "artisan jeans."
  25. "she will not take the picture i asked for. i am forgettable. i should ask someone else to take a picture. i really should. one day i will. i did. i have. i wish i was someone else."
  26. "new york."
  27. "to kill a mockingbird."
  28. "he is funny."
  29. "granola bar. sarah [palmer]. pipe."
  30. "i shouldn't have sent that email. fuck."
  31. "what if there were no mcdonald's. a world without shrimp."
  32. "archives. fuck."
  33. "[hanging this here] will remind me that i am good; that i have good ideas; that she will help me. people change their minds. i won't think about that."
  34. "FOLD THESE. fuck. RECYCLING. fuck."
  35. "this song played at my wedding. i have zero feelings about this."
  36. "cabin. lake."
  37. "brown pants? are a thing?"