i was there i saw it

remember when oh my god remember all of those times. remember remember all of those days and nights and the feeling of not worrying about other days and nights, because the ones you had were so big and so loud that there wasn't time for worrying or tallying or comparing. there was nothing to compare this to anyway. how could you compare a thing to that. you couldn't. you didn't. you just ate it or piled it up or climbed on top and looked around like oh my fucking god this is now but you had to get down quick because there was so much NOW to stomp through.i



stomp. i want a thing to stomp through let's go come on let's go hurry we have to go now no leave it we won't need it anyway just grab that yeah and let's go yeah are you ready? are you? come on let's go i'm ready. should we stop and get them on the way no they'll be there they're probably already there. you're gonna love this so much baby your eyes have never been so wide. you won't know how the world existed before this you won't know how you existed but you did, love, you did. you've been right here forever and so has this and it was yours you just had to go get it. we were there before the sun came up before the lights came on before the doors were unlocked before the windows were opened. it was quiet it was dark it was cold it was us we were holding our breath because what else could we do. fuck what else could we even do i couldn't even see my eyes weren't big enough nothing was big enough for this. you were right. you were right i loved it. you were right it had been there forever. i love you. i love you let's go back. take me back let's go i'm ready. i'm ready when you are come on we'll hold our breath i won't say a word i'll be so quiet. i'll shush you when you almost whisper we'll smile i'll cover your mouth you'll look at my eyes i'll look at your eyes i've never smiled so big not even the last time not even all the other times. please let's go back.