things i would want / want to do if i were a guy

  1. A beard - I can't grow a beard and I can't think of the female  equivalent of growing a beard. Not shaving your legs isn't the same  thing.
  2. To wear a size medium shirt - I'd like to be bigger than I am as a woman, but not 'large.'
  3. Have 'rock-hard abs' - So I could walk around without my shirt on.
  4. To be bisexual - I wouldn't want sexual boundaries.
  5. Every video game system on the market including hand-held versions: Xbox, PS3, Wii (the black one), PSP, [the others] - I could have these things as a woman but as a man I would have more disposable income.
  6. To have sex with a prostitute(s) in a foreign country - I would wear a condom.
  7. A cat - I still wouldn't like dogs even if I was a guy.
  8. Manicures / Pedicures - I would care about these things.
  9. A female best friend - To keep me up to date with the world of women.

[i thought about seeing if thought catalog would want this list, but then decided it was too stupid for thought catalog, so i put it here so i could quit thinking about it. you understand.]