things i miss: an incomplete list

  1. red velvet cake
  2. waking up in tennessee
  3. waking up in florida
  4. waking up in california
  5. grass
  6. trusting [person]
  7. santa claus
  8. the 17-year old version of my ass
  9. singing christmas songs in the car
  10. fights over pop tarts
  11. summer 2000
  12. those giant batik pants i wore everywhere
  13. writing bob dylan quotes on the storage door with sidewalk chalk
  14. having an upstairs
  15. being a strict vegetarian
  16. the summers we spent every night outside
  17. a girl named celeste
  18. driving across the fuller warren bridge
  19. sleepovers at jessica's (she had a basement)
  20. watching pump up the volume by candlelight
  21. getting high and saging the apartment
  22. the 840 bypass to murfreesboro
  23. walking in the woods
  24. crickets
  25. mr. milan's history class
  26. everyday i've ever spent with sarah palmer
  27. riese singing and dancing at the foot of her bed
  28. when jeremy played guitar
  29. watching star trek with my dad at 1 a.m.
  30. coloring contests
  31. fall 2001
  32. backstage at ballet recitals
  33. alex smiling on the subway
  34. holding hands
  35. being in labor with eli
  36. snow
  37. listening to the strokes in 2003
  38. smoking cigarettes
  39. shopping before the recession