things i realized, learned, watched or tried while i wasn't here [abriged]

  1. poached eggs
  2. new yoga classes
  3. the definition of craniometry, phrenology, physiognomy, anthropometry, somatotype
  4. moroccan-style stuffed acorn squash
  5. if i drink a bottle of wine with a cheese plate while wearing my yoga clothes, it feels more productive
  6. how glass plate photography worked
  7. when i say someone is 'my age,' what i really mean is they are anywhere from 22-39
  8. what nightshade plants are
  9. getting a lomi lomi massage
  10. eating food with a stranger (who is now no longer a stranger)
  11. when figs are in season
  12. what the stars on the chinese flag represent
  13. indian food