for l and for a and for me

i want to be a thing that never makes you roll your eyesor look at the clock but i want you to take me for granted.

i want to be a thing you tuck away for safe keeping but grab without hesitation.

i want to sit quietly in a quiet room with the quiet thoughts you've left me with and not feel alone or forgotten or ashamed or misunderstood and i want to give you as much.

i want to rewrite a thing or two for you so you can breathe easy laugh easy know these books and this paragraph and that song and this drive and this time and that wink and close your eyes and feel like you could make any decision, even the ones you shouldn't.

can i have you back? can i show you ponytails and tampons and the truth about boys? the truth about me? the truth about him or at least the truth as i knew it? can we share can we compare our notebooks but skip the part about how much it hurt? can you teach me? can you wrap your secrets in concert t-shirts and hand-me-down toys and trust that i'll keep them all?

i have an attic the size of your heart. i could fit the world in there.