this was in my journal, in the scribbly handwriting that i don't usually go back and read because it's almost always something i don't want to revisit. but i did. i especially like "you never stray as far as you worry/think you do."

hello me,

please don't be too upset. be a little upset, but also be proud. you didn't cry tonight (unlike sunday night).

you're not fucked. even though you said "entirely & irrevocably fucked" in that email about tegan & sara, you are still right here.

you never ever stray as far as you worry / think you do.

irrevocably fucked who cares. what the stupid fuck even is that game.

respect the respect & hold back on the familiarity of doomed shit. you're above this.

get above it now.

listen to a new song.

stay right right here.