adventure saturday is the new date night


the first time we played monopoly, eli was wiping the floor with us and megan was going broke in a really sad, pathetic way. after i'd landed on free parking (house rule: taxes go into a free parking pot; you land on free parking you get the money), which megan desperately needed, and then she landed on eli's property (with a few houses) and couldn't pay, so slade gave her some of his money and eli only charged her a portion of the rent, because my children are very generous and therefore very terrible at this game. megan ended up winning by a landslide, of course, and slade vowed never to loan anyone money ever again.

one night during the summer before the kids were back from virginia, i realized — like almost fully wrapped my head around the fact — that slade will be gone in a few years. i won't get to live with him anymore. and he'll come back for visits and other things, but it will never be like this again. like home and everyday. so after crying for a few hours, megan and i agreed that for this school year, every saturday would be adventure saturday. the #1 rule of adventure saturday is that we have to do something as a family. #2 rule is that it has to be new, or at least as new as reasonably possible. it has to be an adventure! movies count, so do new restaurants and museums. one weekend we went to the art museum for the art of video games exhibition. another weekend we went to gotham city comics in mesa and some of the oldsters quizzed slade on the references from his t-shirt (he knew all but citizen kane, dallas and soylent green, which was extremely validating for me in a way i didn't anticipate). when the weather cools off we'll be doing more things outdoors — lakes and drives and hiking. i'm trying to convince them that bearizona is a good idea, but the resistance is really surprising.

#3 rule of adventure saturday is that we want to get really good at board games — like good enough that we don't have to refresh ourselves on the rules of clue or how much money is given to each player at the beginning of monopoly. eli won the first game of life, megan keeps winning monopoly, and slade and i haven't won anything yet. we're handling it well.

games we already own:

life — we played this once with megan's niece and she was so excited to get to the part when she'd have babies, but that never happened so we let her buy a set of fraternal twins off the black market.

monopoly — we've only played this twice, but both times eli's checked out before it's over. "i'm moving to a different town."

clue — was OBSESSED with clue when i was younger, hoping to pass that on to someone.

yahtzee — once tried to use this as teaching tool for math. HA.

jenga — the box suggests you take it with you to the beach, but we all agree that's probably a terrible idea.

in a pickle — the worst game ever

balderdash — we've never played this!

battleship — feel like this is a classic sibling game and should only be played by siblings.

mad gab — mastered this game ~10 years ago and haven't enjoyed it since. will possibly try again.

apples to apples — you should try to play this with eli sometime. really.

trouble — trouble and sorry were always the games i despised playing as a child. how did this get in my house.

guess who — aka the game we always have to play on christmas eve/day/night. i don't know why.

new game wish list:


ticket to ride — this thing is like $50 at target, so naturally i want it so i can understand why they think they can charge so much for a board game.

we didn't playtest this at all — honestly not sure this is even real.

checkers — yep.

apples to apples junior — see above.

scattergories — believe this will make everyone even smarter.

miles bornes — all the reviews say "i played this with my family growing up!" and that is true, yes. reminds me of my dad.

wits end junior — "learn, play, have fun!" sold.

stratego / settlers of catan / risk — these seem to all be about middle-aged white men, but they're classics, right? canon board games or something?

any board or card games you want to suggest would be super appreciated!