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we live in a tiny two-bedroom condo — that's at least one bedroom shy of the desired number of bedrooms, and one office shy of what i'd consider really cool, if you're keeping score (but i'm not complaining) — with the least amount of square footage of any place I've ever lived in, ever. even that first apartment on the wrong side of the river in jacksonville had more space, and so did the house we rented for a few months when we first moved to california (the one with black grout on the countertops that i eventually got clean after days of scrubbing — the same one that, after i'd returned home from nursing my dying grandmother to her death, burying her and then mourning her in tennessee, wasn't even unpacked yet. wait, the surround sound speakers were unpacked, and some of his clothes. he'd "saved" the rest for me.) but really, i'm not complaining. it's a challenge that i'm sure will make me a better, more interesting person or something. also the rent here is about a billion dollars less than what we were paying and megan's family owns the condo and there's grass and all kinds of trees just right outside.

the living room doubles as a dining room, and the dining room table doubles as a desk and sometimes so does the sofa. when i've had enough of looking at this computer or thinking about what other people want from me, i clear off the diningdesk table, pick up whatever's lying around the room and put it where it belongs, vacuum, and make sure no one will need me for a few hours. then i drag out every box of paper products i've stacked under that table, plus the art supply tackle box thing that i commandeered from slade, find a playlist and start flipping through old magazines.

so that's what i did sunday.

it's a collage card for my mother. the front has a flap that covers some strips of flowers, so when you lift it it's meant to represent the rabbit hole, which i was going to take a picture of but that seems unnecessary. it's missing something — probably a more direct mad hatter reference — but i'm all about it. even though the caterpillar is actually a butterfly, who actually looks like a bee. no matter!

2a66afd5baee1beb98d84b7634db6f05 i bought this book yesterday and it will probably change my life entirely.

should probably start making some sample moon catchers for the a-camp workshop, which i'm so excited for that i cannot even. "well that's f*cking pretty" (the workshop) will be one of my greatest achievements i think. i'll make an ethereal playlist with lots of purity ring and beach house for them to create to. what if i also hang batiks and strings of lights from the trees? what then, really.

if grimes or purity ring ever covered a taylor swift song, please let me know asap.