small wishlists: pre-autumn post-summer stagnation period, pt 1

even when it does become autumn for everyone else, it'll still feel like the dirty, sweaty neck of summer in this hellish place (bless it!), so my stagnation period is slightly longer than most people's. i'm assuming there will be a stagnation wishlist part 2 because i often continue to wish for things long after i've wished for other things. 1-Desktop23

1. paper straws: i haven't been introduced to these counterintuitive little fuckeries. what are you, paper straw? how do you exist when water is passing through you and you are paper? why are you superior to plastic straws? why does everyone love you? (also: hearts)

2. lassie come home bookmarks: i read/"read" several books at a time because i have a fear of death and a short attention span, so a set of bookmarks is a really smart idea. also see the one that says "anatomy and physiology for nurses"? that one i'd give to megan.

3. white men's shirt: the pocket flaps on this shirt is where it is at, my friend.

4. wide leg linen pants: this is all i want to wear forever. this and that white shirt + some bracelets and/or a necklace situation that i made myself + plain cute shoes. like this is the style of my soul and yet i don't actually ever wear it. i think i have a fear of success, which we'll talk about later. i bought some grey linen pants from old navy last november and that was pointless because the waistband is weird and i should've seen that coming. the drawstring on these pants = success.

5. warby parker frames in arthur: can't even half-think of the name arthur without thinking of carly and robin's dog arthur, whom i've never even met but who i feel would get me. anyway, i have a crush on green and i really hope these frames suit my face because they're my favorite from the 5-pack of try-on-at-home frames that are currently on their way to my house! on their way to my house!!

6. world map wrapping paper: i want to frame it and stare at it while i drink my coffee. feel it would make a great addition to my dream wall full of framed gig posters and weird prints found on the internet, which is still in its fetal stage.

7. green with ivy bag: again with the green. ok let me try to convey just how long i've been looking for a bag i can really truly love and trust... a year of sundays? at least? i haven't always been super picky about bags, but now i'm impossible to please and full of demands. feel like this bag meets those demands. take note that the middle portion is divided into two separate sections (which means there'll be an additional middle part for me to loose my phone/chapstick/pen in) and is basically enormous, as everyday bags go. i want to cuddle this bag. unlike this bag, which i want to rent a cabin with and stay up all night drinking and looking at stars.